[Note from the Webmaster: This service happened before the current website, so I don't have a description, however I thought it would be nice to post the music. Rev. Fran Dearman was officiating. Enjoy! ~Karin Carlson, Webmaster]

  1. Opening: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-01-opening.m4a{/audio}
  2. {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-02.m4a{/audio}
  3. Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabelle: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-03-BringaTorchJeannetteIsabelle-3.m4a{/audio}
  4. {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-04.m4a{/audio}
  5. {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-05.m4a{/audio}
  6. Choir, "Oh Holy Night": {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-06-Choir-OhHolyNight.m4a{/audio}
  7. Rob Lindey "Little Town of Bethlehem: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-07-RobLindeyOLittleTownofBethlehem.m4a{/audio}
  8. {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-08-RevDearman.m4a{/audio}
  9. Moon of Wintertime: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-09-Hymn-MoonOfWintertime.m4a{/audio}
  10. Story "Room for Little One" {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-10-childStoryRoomForLittleOne.m4a{/audio}
  11. Jesus Our Brother: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmaEveService-11-HymnJesusOurBrother.m4a{/audio}
  12. PJ Buchanan, solo: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmasEveService-1-PJ_Buchanan_solo.m4a{/audio}
  13. Each Night a Child is Born: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmasEveService-13-EachNightaChildisBorn.m4a{/audio}
  14. Responsive Reading: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmasEveService-14-ResponsiveReading.m4a{/audio}
  15. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-25_ItCameUponAMidnightClear.mp3{/audio}
  16. Closing words: {audio}2008/december/2008-12-24_ChristmasEveService-16-ClosingWords.m4a{/audio}


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