Adult Programs Committee Update, May 2012

How did the Transcendentalists transform social institutions? In what ways does Wicca draw on earth-based traditions? Why did a Christian theologian focus on original blessing rather than original sin? What lessons does the Indian scripture, the Bhagavad Gita have for us today? How can we grow through use of breath, meditation, or drawing? Many questions have been asked in Adult Programs this year… and a variety of answers emerged.

Since September, eleven volunteer facilitators and one staff facilitator offered thirteen programs, drawing 149 participants. In addition, regular groups such as the ROMEOS and the Writers’ Group continue, as does Journeys, offered by the Membership Committee. Our Adult Programs brochures help to publicize these additional groups.

Co-Chair Anne Belanger and I wish to thank our dynamic Adult Programs Committee: Kathleen Hays, Elgeline Merquita and Trevor Semotok. A big thank you as well to volunteer program facilitators: Don Ayre, Karin Carlson, Rev. Stefan Jonasson, Jo’Anne Kelly, Rob Malo, Zain Mohammed, Fred Mooibroek, Brittany Ross, Charles Simard, Wendy Watson, and to our minister Rev. Millie Rochester. Couldn’t have done it without you!

We’re now planning fall programs that promote adult learning by enhancing the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of members and friends of the Congregation, within our shared UU principles. A priority is to encourage the development of members’ UU faith.

There is still much untapped talent within our congregation. Do you have a special area of interest and some experience working with groups?

Give us a shout if you have an idea for the fall. Email Adult Programs with your written program proposals by June 1.

~ Sonya Watson, Adult Programs Committee Co-Chair

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