Message from the Ministerial Search Committee

Dear members and friends,

We successfully interviewed three pre-candidates in Winnipeg over the past few months. We toured the church and the city, had interviews and Q&As, attended sermonds/services they delivered, and learned more about how this partnership could work. They had great things to say about our church and city. Thankfully our Winnipeg winter did not scare off any of our pre-candidates!

This process of pre-candidating has taught us so much about our religion and ourselves. The candidates opened our eyes to new knowledge and possibilities.  One thing we learned was just how diverse the role of the minister is.

Our next step in the process is to invite one of the candidates to candidating week. We are looking forward to introducing you to each other. Our tentative candidating week is May 6-14. Stay tuned for a schedule! We look forward to your input for and assistance with this week.

- Your Ministerial Search Committee

church house living room