The Bridge – March 2017

March, already. In my journey with you as Interim Minister, this time feels almost like an interlude: an unlikely moment of hesitation. Because while now and again I catch glimpses of the day this coming June when we’ll all say goodbye, there’s still time enough for a few remaining detours.

March means another step forward along this bridge we’ve been travelling along together. It feels far from the time of saying “goodbye” to Millie, and quite close to saying “hello” to a new, settled minister. It’s a time of mixed emotions that to me, at least, seems both real, and unreal. It also seems like the perfect time to explore the monthly theme of Journey.

I’ve felt privileged to walk alongside many of you as you’ve invited me into parts of your own life journeys. It can take courage and trust to let a minister in, especially when you know that minister will be leaving sooner, rather than later. And, the road has been hard for more than a few of you. How is it that again and again, even as many of us strive to exercise choice and push back against injustice, the journey of life itself also expects us to practice qualities like endurance, acceptance, and surrender?

It’s been quite a journey we’ve been on these past 19 months. You, the congregation, have been looking deeply into your past and present, lifting up both your successes, and some of your challenges. You’ve also expressed your yearnings for the future. The annual pledge campaign, which begins this month, will be an opportunity to lift up the goals you have set for yourselves, and to set aside the provisions you’ll need in the year to come.

I’m so excited for you about this next leg of your journey! And, I look forward to savouring these last few months together.


Rev. Nicoline