Interim Minister's Column

The Bridge – March 2017

March, already. In my journey with you as Interim Minister, this time feels almost like an interlude: an unlikely moment of hesitation. Because while now and again I catch glimpses of the day this coming June when we’ll all say goodbye, there’s still time enough for a few remaining detours.

March means another step forward along this bridge we’ve been travelling along together. It feels far from the time of saying “goodbye” to Millie, and quite close to saying “hello” to a new, settled minister. It’s a time of mixed emotions that to me, at least, seems both real, and unreal. It also seems like the perfect time to explore the monthly theme of Journey.

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The Bridge – February 2017

It used to be one of the first questions newcomers would ask: “You say you welcome everybody. So what is it exactly you believe?”

What I used to say was, “We’re a community of seekers.” Or: “How we are with each other counts for more than what we believe,” and so, “we come together to support one another along our different faith journeys.”

I still believe all that. But the times are changing. More and more, people visit our UU communities asking deep and difficult questions about how best to live, rather than what they, or we, each believe. Justice, integrity, and the quest to live out their calling are what bring them in search of religious community. 

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The Bridge - December 2016

“Oft expectation fails, and most oft there where most it promises …”
- William Shakespeare

I’ve been getting a head start on the season. December’s monthly theme is Expectation. I’d fully expected to prepare a monthly theme packet, as I do every month. I’m sure you’d expected to read one. Instead, I’ll be offering you a few provocative questions. And for this month’s column, some words of wisdom that just about sum it all up, with gratitude to my colleague the Rev. Jessica Purple Rodela for the inspiration.

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The Bridge – November 2016

I’ve been rethinking my ideas about “purpose.”

Ever since heading to Saskatoon for last month’s Western Region Fall Gathering, the way I was raised to understand my own purpose has started to shift.

We were about 16 from this community: a balance of youth, youth advisors, and adults. While youth gathered at the Saskatoon Unitarians’ building, adults rode a bus to Wanuskewin, a First Nations cultural and heritage centre just northeast of the city. And there, under the guidance of Métis leader Marjorie Beaucage, we were led through a life-changing day-long experience called A Medicine Wheel for the Indian Act.

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The Bridge – October 2016

I believe in the power of intuition. Way back, when people asked me what I wanted to do or be when I grew up, I only ever had one answer: produce the CBC radio program called Ideas.

If you don’t know Ideas, it’s a long running radio program – 50 years old last year – that uses one, or sometimes several hours to explore a single edgy topic or idea. Through stories and news reports, music and sound, poetry, voice and silence, listening to Ideas is like going on an evocative, hour-long journey. Usually, no matter how wacky the topic, the program eventually circles back to deep questions about this world and our place in it.

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