We Welcome Our New Minister, Meghann Robern, MDiv

The First Unitarian Univeralist Church of Winnipeg is pleased to announce that Meghann Robern, MDiv, has accepted the calling to be our minister by a unanimous vote. 

We are excited to start this venture with Meghann and her family in August 2017. 

Notes from the Congregational Meeting

Great News!   The Congregational Meeting to Call a Minister was held after the Sunday service on May 14th.  One hundred and twenty-three members voted unanimously to adopt the motion by Jim Gardiner, of the Ministerial Search Committee, to call Meghann Robern as our minister, and Meghann accepted the call.   Many members, friends, youth and children stayed to welcome Meghann, Josh, Prudence and Percival into our midst with a bridge and a song “Enter, Rejoice and Come In.”

~ Lynn Clark, President of the Board of Directors, congratulated the Ministerial Search Committee: Jim Gardiner, Tanya Brothers, Ernest Gautron, Janet Toews, Carol Harvey, Marian Siemens and Kristen Jimmy, thanking them  for their dedication and discernment,  the hard work and the sacrifices they have made of other parts of their lives this past year.  

“Let us welcome them home after their strenuous journey.”  (UUA Settlement Handbook) 

Meghann Robern