New Initiative: Stewardship Study Group

New Initiative: Stewardship Study Group 

How do you understand stewardship, as contrasted with fundraising? In the church setting, fundraising takes place in earnest once a year, at the time of the annual pledge campaign. Stewardship, by contrast, is one of the church's ongoing ministries. Stewardship - the practice of growing and caring responsibly for the church's resources - is one of the ways in which people can feel called into service, as they put their religious and spiritual values into action on behalf of the congregation and its larger purpose.

What would it look like if the church offered training and support in the area of stewardship, just as it does for people who want to enhance their skills in teaching children, leading worship, or offering respectful caring to each other? That's what the Stewardship Study Group is about.

Members of the Stewardship Study Group will learn together about:

  • new approaches to growing the resource base of charities and non-profits
  • strategies for linking resources (gifts of time, talent, enthusiasm and commitment, money) with the church's overall purpose
  • practices that invite congregants to increase their comfort level in talking about money, in ways that are open, honest, and respectful of a diversity of income levels
  • Thinking "big picture" in a way that balances commitment to day to day program expenses with longer-term goals such as sharing funds with outside groups (Share the Plate, refugee sponsorship initiatives), funding infrastructure improvements, meeting provincial accessibility goals, maintaining a healthy endowment fund, inviting legacy planning, and so on.
  • Cultivating a culture where people of all ages deepen in their ability to give generously and receive wholeheartedly

Expect to meet once a month, with some time spent in reading or other research in between meetings.

To join, or for more information, contact Lynn Clark, Board President: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to learning together with you!