Communication Submisison Form

Use this form to submit an announcement or information about a confirmed upcoming congregational event for publication in one or more of our communication methods: weekly email, monthly newsletter (The Communicator), website, Facebook, Twitter, and newspapers.

Please note that to schedule an event at the church, you must contact the church office directly at 204-474-1261 or send the office an email.

Distribution and Submission Schedule

Communication methodIs publishedSubmission guideline
Email Each Thursday Due by 10 a.m on Wednesday.
Newsletter (Communicator) Each month Due no later than midnight of the 20th of each month. Exceptions: Submissions for combined issue in July/August are due June 20th. Submissions for January are due December 15th.
Website Ongoing Submit at least two weeks before the event.
Facebook Ongoing Submit at least 48 hours before the event.
Twitter Ongoing Submit at least two weeks before the event.
Newspapers Varies Submit at a minimum two weeks before you want the announcement to appear. Publication is at the discreition of the newspaper.

Need help?

Please refer to the Communication Submission Form FAQ page, or contact a member of the Social Media Team.

Your Information

Where do you want to see your announcement?

Please check ALL that apply.

Announcement/Event Details

Please fill in these fields with your announcement/event title, a short description, and the full (longer) text. Please remember to include all important details such as the event date and time, the location, and the cost. We reserve the right to make editorial changes as applicable.

Will you need childcare?

We encourage you to provide child care for your events so that all people can attend. Please contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Development to inquire about arranging child care at your event.

Please note that the deadline for arranging child care is two weeks before the date of the event.

File Upload

If you have an image or text file we can use, please upload it by clicking the Choose File button. Be sure the event name is included in the file name (example: open_mic_night.jpg, and NOT capture1.jpg). This will help us find your file in the folder with all the other uploads. Thank you!

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