Riverside Reflections

June 2010

Rev. Millie Rochester

Spring is in full bloom, summer just around the corner – my first full summer in Winnipeg. Although I am often asked what my plans are for the summer, my mind is still occupied with thoughts about this church year.

We have accomplished so much. Speaking for myself...

  • I have learned many names and faces, and put names together with faces (freely admitting that the correlation isn’t always accurate and that I have many yet to learn)
  • Witnessed the way that people care for each other and for their church – your church – our church
  • Appreciated the quality of leadership and vision among you
  • Learned that full-time, solo ministry is quite taxing, sometimes stressful, occasionally frustrating – but always rewarding
  • Been reminded time and again of how essential my own spiritual practice is

By the same token, I have seen you...

  • Reflect on your past and look to our future together in our Start-up Workshop
  • Welcome newcomers warmly, including a dozen new members
  • Extend your generosity into the wider community by preparing to “Share the Plate“
  • Make a commitment to continue the practice of sharing the “call” to ministry
  • Strengthen and reinvigorate committees, individual participation, and communication patterns

These are only some of the ways we have grown together in the past months. You will recall others, too, and there will be many more to come. In a few weeks, I will shift my focus, first to holidays and then to the next chapter of our adventure – the 2010-2111 church year.

Right now, as I prepare to attend the annual Canadian Unitarian Council meeting, and General Assembly, I am immensely grateful for this community, and this year’s experience with you.

Warm blessings,


Minister’s schedule:

June 20-June 29 – in Minneapolis, at General Assembly

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