Exciting News From the Global Outreach Committee (GO)

Another month, and Global Outreach is still on the GO! I have now attended my second Unitarian-Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) Board meeting, this time in New York city. While there were many issues to deal with, the big news for Winnipeg was negotiated shortly afterwards. I spoke to Bruce Knotts, the Executive Director of UU-UNO. GO is planning a UN Sunday, scheduled for November 21st. Was there any possibility that he could come to Winnipeg for that date? Incredibly, that date in his busy schedule was free. He was delighted to be able to come, and we are delighted to have him!

Bruce is a dynamic, committed advocate of the United Nations and of our UU-UNO office. Importantly, he brings valuable experience and credentials to his role as Executive Director. During many years of experience as a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State, he developed the skills needed to negotiate his way through the UN. Among other postings, he worked in several African countries. During that time he had sustained contact with the UN system, working with UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO and various NGOs to assist refugees from conflict in West Africa.

Since joining UU-UNO in 2008, Bruce started a program to end criminal sanctions based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Under his leadership, UU-UNO has been transformed into leading advocacy roles at the UN in a number of areas such as climate change, LGBT rights, women’s rights, etc. Bruce currently chairs both the UN NGO (Non-Governmental) Committee on Human Rights and the Faith and Ethics Network for the International Criminal Court.

Mark your calendar: an exciting weekend of special events to meet Bruce Knotts, Nov. 20-21.

Ruth Pearce

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